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Gem RC
Gem RC Gem RC Gem RC Gem RC
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Price: 69.00€

Gem RC

Gem RC

It is a our Gem atomiser but it works with replaceable coils, ready made nautilus coils.

It is an atomiser dedicated those that are beginners, do not have time to rebuild coils or just like things easier.

Few things about the attomiser:

- made from sainless steel

- 2ml capacity

- 22 mm OD

- 9 mm OD for the drip tip ( made from delrin)
- without the drip tip it has 33.8 mm

- with the drip tip 49.3 mm

- air hole is adjustable from 0 to 2.5 mm

Ease to use, just make sure that we empty the tank before changing the coil.

Have fun, enjoy , vape on and choose youl liquieds carefully!!!

Warranty 1 year