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Amulet 2
Amulet 2 Amulet 2 Amulet 2 Amulet 2
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Amulet 2

Amulet 2
Amulet 2 is MarkBugs' second BOX MOD, made from the best stabilized wood available worldwide, material suited for use in jewelry and other small-sized quality products, in which aesthetics are of great importance.
The new artifact is a small-scale single 18650 battery box mod, using a DNA75 C board. 
Amulet was from the beginning a challenging project for MarkBugs and our team invested all its wisdom and skills 
in designing, planning, manufacturing, testing and packaging this elegant piece of jewelry. 
"Less is more" was the Amulet's design concept in order to allow the wood to express its refinement and glamor resulting a one and only device.
Colors of the Amulet 2:
There are 2 groups of colors:  splated beach and bog oak.
You have to keep in mind that the wood used is distinctive in color and fiber and every Amulet is unique.
Amulet 2 has two major components:
The main body and the battery door. We have succeeded to manufacure the Amulet starting from inside to outside, in a way that no screws will be seen by the user and avoiding visible conections between the components.
It is the place where all the magic takes place.
The body part incorporates the DNA75C board ( tehnical data sheet here) and the battery holder. Amulet works with a single 18650 IMR battery.
The screen is protected by an attractive curved plexiglass which follows the desing of the body.
The buttons are made of stainless steel and their rounded shape matches the body part resulting a natural tactile feeling.
The 510 connection was re-designed in a spring-loaded one using a special spring and a silver plated floated pin for best conductivity between the mod and the atty.
On the main body you will find also the USB port for charging the battery when needed.
The serial number together with the MarkBugs logo can be found on the bottom part of the Amulet, mechanicaly engraved.
Battery door
It is connected to the main body with four magnets and it has only one way to be closed in order to follow the fiber of the wood.
It has a unique interior design especially crafted to make the connection with the main body as fixed as possible, reducing the movement of the door after closing it.
Height: 85 mm 
Thickness:25 mm  
width: 39 mm  
Warranty: One year
Please take into consideration that the color and fiber of the wood is unique and it is possible not to be identical with the one from the photos.
Please be advised that, upon shipment, in order to abide all laws and regulations, we must declare the true value of the package we are sending you. Therefore, depending on your country of residence, local customs and other taxes may apply when you receive your package.
We cannot influence such legal local matters in any way. What we can do however from our 
part, is to offer all our non-EU customers an extra token of appreciation for their purchase. Hence, we have decided to ship all orders via courier service, namely UPS (we are offering free shipping anyway), which means delivery should take place within 5 working days, irrespective of your location. 
All orders will be processed and shipped within 5 working days from placement.
Please be advised that, if you live in a country where the electronic cigarettes are forbidden, you are ordering on your own risk, we can not help you if there will be any issues with you local customs.